Hello fellow Halo Nationals!

In October, our main page received a clean up and make over, whilst it looks better than the previous version, I feel we can do better! Over the next week or so, I will be working on a new main page layout, and wikia theme that best reflects Halo Nation's true self: professional, modern, and just generally awesome. The theme may come as a shock to some users, as we are planning on switching from our usual bright background to a darker one, but fear not, this will not effect the legibility of the wiki and it's content; if anything it will make everything easier to read!

In this planned update, we are planning to bring back some old features, such as the "Did you know?" feature and community highlights! But for us to achieve this, we need you! Take part in the construction of our wiki, and have your input!

Did you know?

Help us build a did you know fact database by adding your own Halo franchise did you know facts here! They can be anything from in-canon facts to game developer facts. Go wild!

Article Improvement!

To help improve our wiki more, we have decided to have a module that will highlight pages that do not meet Halo Nation's high expectation. So help us to build a list of articles that need dire attention and improvement by telling us some article pages that you think could do with some tender love and care.

Featured Articles

We will see the return of the featured article module, but we would love to hear what pages are our communities favourites, and may have a chance of featuring on our main page.


As you may all know, Halo 4 and Halo: Reach feature weekly and daily challenges on Xbox Live. Would you like to see these challenges featured on the main page? and if so, do you believe you could help with keeping this information up to date?


What do you think of changing to a darker theme?

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