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News [ edit ]
Welcome to the new Destinypedia! Please consult our staff announcement regarding our recent merge.
Vendor Stock Refresh [ edit ]
Portal Xur
Xûr is in the tower...
Leaving at: 9AM GMT Sunday
Eternal warriorCrest of alpha lupiPurifier robesPlan cExotic ShardExotic engram
View Xûr's previous inventory >
Salvage icon
Salvage Active!
Help Dead Orbit recover coveted rare artefacts
"Race the other team to capture and hold relics."
Titan Vanguard
Commander Zavala
5:00AM UTC
Hunter Vanguard
5:00AM UTC
Warlock Vanguard
Ikora Rey
5:00AM UTC
The Speaker
Wednesday 8:00AM UTC
5:00AM UTC
Amanda Holliday
Sunday 8AM UTC
Guardian Outfitter
Eva Levante
8:00AM UTC
Master Rahool / Master Ives
5:00AM UTC
Bounty Tracker
Xander 99-40 / Berg 99-40
9:00AM UTC
Eris Morn
Eris Morn
9:00AM UTC
Queen's Wrath
Petra Venj
Tuesday 9:00AM UTC
Disciple of Osiris
Brother Vance
Tuesday 9:00AM UTC
Daily and Weekly Missions [ edit ]
Dead Sectors
Level 5 Control
Dead Orbit desires new territories to expand their reach beyond the City. Capture zones to increase points for every kill.
Rewards: XP Bonus icon Crucible Marks icon Crucible gear icon Crucible reputation icon
Eye of a Gate Lord
Level 22 - 30 Story
Lure out the Vex Gate Lord that protects the Endless Steps and bring its head back to the Awoken.
Skulls: Heroic skull icon Juggler skull icon
Rewards: Ship Upgrade icon Cryptarch Engram icon x 1 Spirit Bloom icon x 16 Vanguard Marks icon x 5 XP Bonus icon x 7500 Ascendant materials icon x 2
Weekly Heroic Strike
Level 26 - 32 Strike
The Darkness gathers around Sepiks Prime as it absorbs the essence of everything the Fallen can steal.
Skulls: Heroic skull icon Solar Burn skull icon
Rewards: Strange Coin icon x 9 Vanguard Marks icon x 10 Vanguard Reputation icon x 400
Weekly Nightfall Strike
Level 32 Strike
Board the Fallen Ketch above the Moon and defeat the notorious Taniks, the Scarred.
Skulls: Epic skull icon Nightfall skull icon Arc Burn skull icon Specialist skull icon Lightswitch skull icon
Rewards: Unknown rewards icon Unknown Rewards
Daily Bounties [ edit ]

Vanguard bounty

Vanguard Bounties
Bounty Tracker

Crucible bounty

Crucible Bounties
Bounty Tracker

Eris Morn bounty

Eris Morn Bounties
Eris Morn

Wanted bounty

Wanted Bounties
Petra Venj
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